Christmas in July – a mermaid’s tale

Christmas in July is an interesting concept. Christmas happens in December! Why Christmas in July?

What Do mermaidS have to do with Christmas

I wanted to show off my mermaid ornaments. Aren’t they gorgeous! And tell you a tale about my mermaid tails.

My personal mermaid Christmas tree decorations

Summer goal: Become a mermaid

For those of you living in the northern hemisphere, enjoying the summer warmth, Christmas is likely to be the last thing on your mind. You may be spending your days at the beach or poolside. Sea lovers may be channeling their childhoods, living a carefree mermaid or merman life. It’s sun, sand and Sangria according to Instagram 😉 And when the sun goes down, and the sunburn shivers set in, a tail blankie and more Sangria will soothe you.


On the other hand, those of you living in the southern hemisphere, myself included, are enduring the throes of winter in July. Warm and hearty winter food is gratefully enjoyed. A Bourbon-Spiked hot chocolate is definitely enjoyed. Of course, winter in the southern hemisphere isn’t snow drifts and icicles – in fact today is almost balmy for a winter’s day (17°C = 63 °F). A brave mermaid would be basking in the sun! A smart mermaid is under a blanket (which, by the way, I’m selling 💋).


And that’s the crux of Christmas in July. We ‘down under’ want to enjoy a hot Christmas dinner, without enduring a kitchen/sauna experience. We want to indulge in the ugly Christmas sweater fad, without dehydrating. We can soak a fruit cake in brandy and light it up. Can’t do that in December in Australia, there’s usually a total fire ban in place!

As it doesn’t really snow across Australia in July, we make do with boat cruises and parties. There’s none of the pressure associated with December Christmas – family tensions, financial tensions and loneliness. There’s no mandated happy time in July.

Sure, it hasn’t really caught on with the entire Christmas celebrating public. Cynics even may see it as a merchandising con. What do you think?


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