Welcome to needful and vintage things. The website.

The name reflects the title of one of my favourite Stephen King novels, Needful Things. Unlike Leland Gaunt, there are no pranks. Leland Gaunt was fond of saying, everything, everything is for sale.

My fascination with all things vintage started early. Growing up in suburban Brisvegas, I read many books which centred on the glam – Hollywood Wives and Fabulous Nobodies are two of my favourites. My fascination with lace and embroidery was nurtured by Little Women. And my taste in art centred on Pop Art, particularly Warhol, and New York City in general.

So I started frequenting local charity shops. I could curate collections to my taste, and not dictated by trends. I don’t wear clothes that are branded. Never have. I am happy to be the odd chick. I’ll wear a tulle maxi skirt that was once a wedding gown as day wear. Although now that my children are older, I can’t go to the park or grocery shopping in said skirt with them.

I have though, over the years, perhaps collected too much! So I’m opening the vault on many pieces. They range from toys to tribal artefacts. You can check them out on ebay.

You, dear reader, will see pieces of my life. My fascination with sharks, mermaids, succulents and hydrangeas. I’ll also be writing tips, aka the Clueless Person’s Guide to Navigating Life™️ – along the lines of teachable moments triggered by my own curiosity and the Zeitgeist.

Fashion is what you_re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.


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